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Karen Carter NNEB NCT

Maternity Nurse Infant Specialist |


Mobile & WhataApp  +44 07857117630 

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A Bit About Me

As a recipient of the esteemed National Nursery Examination Board Gold Standard Childcare qualification, I proudly hold the title of a highly skilled and knowledgeable Infant Specialist Maternity Nurse. 

Since 1991, my professional journey has encompassed a diverse range of pivotal roles, providing invaluable expertise and care to children from the moment of their birth. These engagements have transpired within the esteemed confines of hospital maternity wards, esteemed private households, as well as esteemed local authority and private nurseries.

My reach extends far beyond the borders of the United Kingdom, as I actively engage in my profession throughout the vast expanse of Europe, the Middle East and Australasia. 

Committed to perpetual growth and advancement, I actively partake in a vibrant international network comprising distinguished childcare and education specialists. 

Notably, I assume the role of Principal within The National Nursery Examination Board Old Collegians, a distinguished association that ensures I stay abreast of cutting-edge trends and regulations within the field.

The collective weight of my exceptional qualifications and extensive experience has positioned me as an esteemed figure among the realm of maternity nurses, both within the United Kingdom and on a global scale. I have earned the unwavering trust and patronage of high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals, who recognise and appreciate the exceptional level of care and expertise I provide. In return for my gold standard infant care I am one of the most highly compensated maternity nurses in the United Kingdom and internationally.


I possess a multinational background and benefit from visa-free travel privileges in the UK and Australia, with pending approval in the EU. This makes me an ideal choice for clients seeking a seamless and hassle-free experience when hiring a maternity nurse who can readily travel across these regions without visa restrictions.

I can be booked for the following services -

  • Maternity Nursing

  • Gentle sleep coaching

  • Respite

  • Weaning

  • Mentoring

  • Getting ready for baby preparation

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  • National Nursery Examination Board - Childcare & Education Diploma

  • Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority - Level III

  • Paediatric First Aid

  • The National Childbirth Trust - Baby Calming

  • The National Childbirth Trust - Breastfeeding Works & How

  • The National Childbirth Trust - Postnatal Depression

  • The London Borough of Kensington & Chelsea - Social Services - Training Award For Experienced Staff 

  • Lactation Consultants Great Britain - Breastfeeding Perspectives

  • Chartered Institute of Environmental Health - Food Hygiene

Mother and Baby




  • Childcare and Education from birth up

  • Paediatric first aid

  • Breastfeeding including re-lactation, induced lactation,

  • Breastfeeding adopted babies

  • Diagnosing tongue tie

  • Bottle feeding & refusal

  • Premature babies

  • Caring for babies with reflux

  • Lactose and other food intolerances 

  • Hip dysplasia 

  • Establishing a routine

  • Attachment parenting 

  • Knowledge and experience of working with twins, multiples, adopted, surrogate babies, premature and low birth weight babies




  • DBS Check

  • Australia working with children Check

  • Full UK & Australian Clean Drivers Licenses 

  • United Kingdom Passport

  • Australian Passport

  • The Island of Ireland EU Passport (Application pending)

  • Indemnity Insurance 




  • Lactation Consultants of Great Britain

  • Lactation Consultants of Western Australia.

  • National Nursery Examination Board Old Collegians

Baby Sleeping

Maternity Nurse Service

For Infant Care Maternity Nursing,Co Care or Sole Charge, Gentle Sleep Coaching, Respite, Post Adoption & Surrogacy Support.

I am available for one night, several weeks, or even months providing you  the opportunity to recuperate following the arrival of your baby. 

My services will provide you with a chance to recover and adjust to your new parental role.

You will have the opportunity to learn from 25 plus years of extensive expert experience in caring for newborns.

I will support and guide you through the early challenges of caring for a newborn, empowering you to care for your baby with confidence. Starting out with healthy habits from the very beginning will ensure your baby transitions easily through the many developmental milestones in those early months and will allow you to enjoy your time as a new parent - without the worry or exhaustion.

I understand every family is different and as such my services are adaptable for your needs. I have cared for babies and families from a vast variety of cultures, backgrounds with differing needs in the UK and internationally, from working mothers, attachments parents, single parents, UHNW families, parents who have adopted, surrogate babies and parents & babies who have experienced trauma. 

Live In
Live in maternity nursing can provide 24 hour care for up to 5 days a week. Perfect for first time mums and multiple babies.

Daily Maternity Nurse
Daily maternity nurse up to 12 hours per day. Ideal for parents who require a maternity nurse but can not accommodate a maternity nurse overnight.

Night time Maternity Nurse
Night time maternity can share a bedroom with your baby overnight up to 12 hours. An ideal solution for tired parents who need a break.

Travel Maternity Nurse
Travel maternity - Karen can travel with you and your baby. This service can be used for work commitments or family holidays and is ideal for parents that are traveling alone and need support. Karen can also take sole charge responsibility, she has undertaken many assignments on long haul and short haul flights including Western Australia to London Heathrow non stop on Qantas several times. She has flown to most parts of the globe and has mastered the art of stress free flying with babies



In the comfort of your own home I will teach you how to transition your child onto solid food. I will show you how to cook and prepare nutritious meals, what foods your child should eat in ages and stages and what foods to avoid. My programme will set your child up for lifelong healthy eating habits. 

Length of session – 3 hrs
Includes – weaning gift, written report, recipes, demonstrations, handouts relevant to your child.

UK travel included depending on location.

Baby's Room

Baby Ready

Bespoke, personalised maternity concierge service to help you navigate shopping for all your nursery needs. Offering parents-to-be personalised advice on what baby products and brands to buy ready for your baby’s arrival.

Initial consultation (Max 1 hour).
Follow up - 2 hour Meet, Greet & Shop  (includes coffee & cake). 
Bespoke packages available for full nursery design and set up.

Welcome Home

I will tailor make a welcome home package for you to suit your requirements.

The Package can include the Baby Ready package where I will set your nursery up and have everything ready for baby and you for when you return home from hospital.

A maternity nurse package for as long as you need me and ongoing WhatsApp support after my departure. I can also include the weaning package for me to return when baby is ready.

Contact me and I will help you work out a suitable package.

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Send Karen a message
and she’ll get back to you shortly.

Thanks for contacting me! |  +44 07857117630 


What Clients Say

I was introduce to Karen by a friend as I was having feeding difficulties with my son, suffering from sleep deprivation and

bonding. Karen checked us both over and took the time to listen to my concerns. She diagnosed that I had a blocked milk duct that was confirmed by my GP. She prepared a routine and bonding plan and gave helpful suggestions on coping with an older child and a baby with a husband that works away a lot. I can report that Karen’s advice helped me settle into my new role being a mother of two children with a large age gap.

M Kozlov

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