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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The National Nursery Examination Board Certificate is the Gold Standard Childcare & Education Qualification in the United Kingdom. 

We are a community, a support and training network.
What does the term OC mean? Old Collegians refers to former students of various colleges.

We are holders of the Gold Standard Childcare & Education Qualification.  
The NNEB was taught at various state and private colleges around the UK and some countries overseas. 

NNEB’s origins can be traced back to the 1940s when Bessie Wright helped form the NNEB in the United Kingdom. 

Our Story

NNEB’s have provided child care and education for over 75 years in private and royal households as nannies and maternity nurses, infant care specialists, sleep consultants and as health and parenting team members in the community for various local authorities in the UK and internationally.         
NNEB’s also work in private and local authority day nurseries, in hospitals with paediatric and maternity departments, and in colleges and childcare teaching establishments as assessors, lecturers and tutors teaching the next generation of childcare and education professionals.                             

We also work in schools assisting teachers and as whole school support or one on one support.    
Some of us have opened our homes to provide a high standard of care to children in our community as childminders. 
As an NNEB, career choices in the childcare and education industry are vast. 

At some point or other it is likely we cared for you or your ancestors in one of the above roles. 

NNEB’s have made a huge contribution to the care and education of children in the UK and internationally.
The NNEB OC is for all old collegians who obtained an NNEB Certificate. 

We also welcome to the NNEB OC Childcare & Education professionals who hold relevant qualifications and have 5 years post qualifying experience to join us for job opportunities, networking, events, training and professional support. 

We are also for anyone who is seeking to employ a childcare and education professional via the NNEB OC. 

NNEB OC is run by enthusiastic NNEB Collegians. 

The NNEB OC can help clients with employing childcare and education professionals via our recruitment vetting service. This services is suitable for employers who don't have the time or resources to vet potential staff. 


If you are a business you may advertises via our website. We will taylor make a business page for you or business advert and include it in our newsletters and social media. Contact us for more information. 

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