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Bessie Wright MBE   

Bessie Wright was involved with the NNEB when it was founded in 1945 and in 1947 she was made course tutor for the NNEB course at Nottingham Nursery Nurses Training Centre. She was principal of Waverley College Nottingham until 1975.


Bessie was awarded an MBE in 1971.


In 1976 Bessie became chair of the NNEB. Significant changes occurred during Bessie's stewardship. She remained actively involved in the work of the Board until 1993.

When the Fellowship of the NNEB (Honoria Causa) was inaugurated in 1989 Bessie was one of four Fellows appointed.


Bessie's concern throughout her professional life was training for the care and education of young children. Her interest and involvement in the work of the NNEB from its foundation gave her a broad view of its development.

NNEB Collegians are thankful to Bessie for the Gold Standard in Nursery Nursing Training we received and for the opportunities it provided us. 



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