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The National Nursery Examination Board Old Collegians (NNEB OC) is the international network for NNEB childcare professionals.

We are holders of the Gold Standard Childcare qualification.


Our NNEB peers are Norland trained and at other private and state colleges in the UK & internationally under the same National Nursery Examination Board.

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If you're in need of childcare staff, simply share your requirements with us, and we'll circulate your position through our extensive network.


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Nanny - Maternity Nurse - Night Nanny - Nursery Staff


27th April 2024


Dear NNEB’s,


This year, I'm foregoing the traditional newsletter in favour of this direct message to you all.


The National Nursery Examination Board (NNEB) childcare and education diploma remains a prestigious and comprehensive Level Three qualification, widely regarded as the Gold Standard in the field. Its accreditation is reaffirmed by its inclusion in the UK government's qualification checker, under Microsoft Excel document number 52. Any uncertainties regarding its validity can be resolved by referring to this document via this link Notably, when inquiring about Maths and English grades, it's important to note that NNEB candidates were assessed comprehensively in these areas as part of the NNEB entrance requirements.


Today, NNEB graduates occupy diverse and influential roles across the childcare spectrum, ranging from maternity nurses and nursery school teachers to policy makers and nursery management professionals. Their expertise extends to roles as nannies, community health visitors, college lecturers, trainers, assessors, night nannies, doulas, intervention workers, newborn care specialists, and beyond. This widespread recognition and demand for NNEB qualifications, both domestically and internationally, underscore the enduring legacy of the NNEB qualification.


Originally offered through private colleges such as Norland Nannies and Princess Christian, as well as state colleges across the UK and some overseas institutions, the NNEB certification continues to hold significant relevance and value.


Let there be no doubt: NNEB graduates are highly sought after in today's workforce. We remain actively engaged in a multitude of childcare and education settings, catering to children from birth onward, and will continue to do so for many years to come.


The 1st May marks International NNEB Day, a day designated by the members of the NNEB OC group to celebrate our esteemed Gold Standard qualification annually. On this occasion, we express gratitude to the founders who paved the way for our careers, equipping us with the skills and opportunities to nurture, educate, and care for children over the decades.


Looking ahead, next year will mark the 80th Anniversary of the National Nursery Examination Board - NNEB. If anyone wishes to help organise a celebration to commemorate this significant milestone, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I will help spread the word through the NNEB Old Collegian Page and Facebook group. Your ideas and suggestions are welcome and can be shared in the comments.


Additionally, there are several groups available for NNEB graduates to join and engage with, along with a dedicated Facebook page, website, and The Maternity Nurse Magazine featuring contributions from fellow NNEB professionals.


We welcome any help and collaborations from our peers on any of the groups, pages, NNEB OC website and The Maternity Nurse Magazine. Please get in touch. 


Warm regards,


Karen Carter NNEB


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Please like and follow the page -


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1st May 2024

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